Vision, Mission, Objectives

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To transform the lives of Children and Young People to learn, grow and develop through education.


Education is at the heart of John Lyon’s Charity because it enables us to have the greatest possible impact on Children and Young People in our Beneficial Area. As an independent grant-giver we champion through thought leadership and work in partnership to create systems change for the wider benefit of the Children and Young People and Education sectors.


To improve the life chances of children and young people through access to education and learning they might not otherwise have had.

To be an inclusive funder by providing educational opportunities for children and young people regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender or special need.

To build capacity for the Children and Young People and Education sectors and its organisations.

To promote collaboration between organisations to best serve the Children and Young People and Education sectors.


John Lyon’s Charity is a collaborative funder, working with grantees, government and trusts and foundations to ensure the needs of the Children and Young People and Education sectors are at the forefront of how we grant.

We are an independent funder, we do not fundraise, and we do not bid for government contracts to provide services. We are apolitical and non-religious. This allows us to judge applications on their own merit.

We are a flexible funder; we aim to be nimble in how we grant. We afford organisations with the space to think strategically, to experiment, to adjust and to have time for reflection.

We are an ambitious funder and see our relationship with grantees as partnerships. Our aim is to be ambitious for the organisations we work with and aim to instil confidence in them. We are dynamic and passionate about who and what we fund. We also put the fun into funding by focusing on what children and young people need rather than responding to trends.