Summer School with Bare Conductive

This summer the Young Creatives group took part in a three day interactive design project led by Isabel Lizardi from Bare Conductive and assisted by workshop facilitator Eddie Niles.  Bare Conductive is a design and technology company founded by four Royal College of Arts graduates who turned their team project in to an innovative business. They have brought their clever electronic paint to the mass market and show how art, design and technology can be combined in a fun and simple way.

The Brief: to imagine what museum collections would look like in the future. 

The Young Creatives tried to predict what the Design Museum might add to its collection in the next 50 to 100 years.  They imagined future scenarios and problems society might face to anticipate ways design could help solve or even prevent these problems.  Their ideas focused on themes including climate change, technology, infrastructure, systems and social change, religion and food.  These ideas manifested as interactive illustrations.  As you touch the illustration, it triggers and audio introduction given by each young person, describing their imagined future scenario and the design solutions they’ve created.


The work generated in this project will be showcased at the Design Museum public opening in November 2016.  Visitors will be able to explore these interact designs and meet the Young Creatives behind them.

“The project was an overwhelming success; great designs and great workable end products were achieved. A real challenge at times, this workshop offered another real design experience, where the Young Creatives had to follow a design process using their initiative developing concepts and design solutions to problems and all this working within the constrictions of a defined media. The workshop exposed the young creatives to collaborative group and individual design work methods. From this course participants are already showing a greater level of design understanding and are growing in confidence, even suggesting other projects they’d like to take part in and leading on ideas to develop the Young Creatives programme.” Eddie Niles, workshop facilitator

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